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Our new product, Amplify enables you to turn your customers into social ambassadors for your product launches and announcements.

Our new integration with lets you get started with Ramen in seconds.

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July 29, 2015

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In-App NPS

You can now ask your customers the industry-standard NPS question and segment the results using all the data we have about your customers. Read more or watch the video.

June 19, 2015

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Ramen is used by...

Product Managers ask context-aware questions of their customers when they are using specific parts of the application.


Product Marketers use Ramen to announce new features and share extra content.

Product marketer

User Experience Directors use Ramen to immediately find out how a new workflow is being received.

Ux director

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We launched our core functionality on Product Hunt back in May, 2015. People like us.

Ramen can be used to...

Learn About Customers

Ramen lets you explore your customer base by combining custom data that you pass in about them with real life data that we gather from multiple sources. See which customers are high value and have over 10,000 Twitter followers, then create a question just for them.

Customer discovery

Answer Questions About Churn

Users churn for all kinds of reasons. You want to know why. With Ramen, it's easy to setup questions that will popup when people have, or are about to, churn. You can set up Ramen to notify you immediately on every response.


Uncover Latent Frustrations

Sometimes your customers will be frustrated, but not tell you. You can ask them with Ramen. You can setup questions to only appear to users that have been customers for a certain amount of time.


Collect Customer Testimonials

Collecting testimonials can be a pain. With Ramen you can ask for one right as your customers are using a feature in your application.


How is Ramen Different?


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